Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Miss... (Post #13)

As we all know, it has been quite a while since my last blog post. So this post will simply ask all of you to hang with me and be patient! I have been super busy as projects, travels, and playing basketball/soccer have hit me at the same time. Since I last wrote, I have been to Florence, Prague, Rome, Barcelona, Canary Islands, and Madrid so we all can see I have a ton to catch up on. If I am lucky I will be able to write Florence today because it has been far too long. In the meantime, hope everything is going well back home and at school. Hope the better weather is there although I heard it snowed in Vermont on APRIL 28 which is ridiculous! Thank god I wasn't there or I would have gone crazy.

Just to give you a little reading material, my friend and classmate from Rutland High, Greg Josselyn, has been studying abroad in Florence. He is done this week, but his class had a field trip up here to Milano to see "The Last Supper" painting. He gave me his number and we ended up meeting up by the Duomo you have all seen in a previous post. I showed him around a little bit and had about two hours before he had to meet up with his group and head home via train. Greg brought up two bottles of Tuscan Wine since southern Italy has MUCH better wine than up North. He and I sat there in Milan, Italy during a studying abroad program in front of Milan Central Station drinking Tuscan Wine. Haha I think that is amazing. We were discussing how lucky we are and what a fantastic experience we have both been blessed with. Here my friend from Rutland High School and I just happen to meet up and enjoy the beautiful Milano weather. We discussed our abroad experiences and then reminisced about good old Vermont. Family, friends, school, internships, jobs, and our first meal were all brought up while drinking our Tuscan Wine. I do not recall that Greg had an actual first meal in mind, but mine is definitely Taco Bell and he strongly agreed.

I am realizing I am starting to get ready to go home even though I have two months and one week left here in Milan. Six months is a LONG time to be away from friends and family; away from your everyday life that you have developed a routine in. Luckily I get to skype family and friends and also have a great group of friends I hope to see and stay in touch with when our adventure is over.

As time goes by, it has been almost four months, I start to think about what I look forward to and what I miss:
--> Seeing and being with my lovely, caring, and competitive mother (what a good son I am). I miss going to Applebees or Bagel Cafe with her or having a good laugh at something truly stupid yet we both find completely hysterical. I actually miss being in the new house because of my big room and more importantly because I know how happy my mom is in it. In addition, I have to say I miss the "HIIIII" that she yells when she walks in the door. I miss her asking me to go for a hike even though she knows I will never say yes. I miss being home so I can drive my car rather than my mom driving my car! Miss our three cats and Husky, Tippy (did not name her). Last but not least, I miss my mom's cooking...which happens twice a month ha. Keep in mind that two cooked meals a month counts if I ask her to make me a sandwich or bowl of cereal!!!
--> Seeing my pharmaceutical brother who can remind me everyday I will get diabetes if I drink too much soda (which I have only drank 2 liters in the last 20 days) or that I will get an ulcer if I eat too much in one meal. I miss talking fantasy baseball whenever I want and trying to get him to trade me a player every day. I actually miss the daily Lance Armstrong update as he follows him on Twitter haha. Running to Ramuntos or the Psalms is definitely on my must-do list when I get back. Also miss seeing how you two are doing on the new house and swinging by to say hey. I actually cannot wait to throw the baseball around so get your glove ready!!
--> Seeing my sister (in-law, which isn't necessary) who is always JUST one text away. Whenever we are bored we text each other and see whats up, cannot do that over here. I miss being asked to let my nephew Bauer out (he's a dog for those wondering how I could possibly let a kid out) when my bro and Em have to go somewhere for the day. I miss arguing about sports with her because I always have something opinionated or stupid to say and she will enter a debate with me. Also I miss meeting up at Bagel if she has a minute for lunch.
--> Seeing the Grants. Sometimes I am invited over for dinner or see them doing something related to my bro and Em whether it is dropping something off at the house or errands or whatever. I miss the farm. I miss doing "manly things" as we call them ha. Even though some off those jobs can be a bitch, I love it because it is a good work out, I get to help the Grants out, and makes me feel more important and OF COURSE, manly. I miss mowing the massive field or hitting golf balls from the tee either towards the pin or into the pond, cutting trees down, splitting wood and stacking it, driving the tractor and hummer, and enjoying some fresh off the grill hot dogs, hamburgers, or tasty veal as we take a quick break for lunch. One thing I do not miss and Mr. Grant can probably guess it; carrying shingles to the roof. That was by far probably the most miserable thing I have done in my life (physically) giving me a new-found respect for roofers, but also the ability to say I did it! What I miss the most is obviously shooting the guns. I miss the good conversations with Mr and Mrs Grant, Casey, and Michele...and of course Benny!!
--> Calling my Grandma occasionally to see how shes doing. Hope everything is well with her and the rest of my relatives all over the country!
--> Going to Clem's or Sugar and Spice with the family after church on Sunday Mornings before I go play basketball (which I do miss my group of bball buddies).
--> Seeing my closest friends, teachers and coaches, and parents I am closest with and seeing how they are all doing. Luckily I keep in touch with them on facebook and keep in touch with the adults via email.
--> I never thought I would say I miss going to church (no offense God). At home I try to go every week and when I go, I feel better about myself in general. I just feel accomplished and less-stressed when I go. BUTTT I went to the Vatican for Easter Mass with the Pope so that should count for six months of church. MOM I know what you are thinking and I swear church is offered here only in Italian! I am not going through that!
--> Driving my car and not relying on public transportation and being super efficient in getting where I want to go since I "challenge" the speed limit :-)
--> Huge portions for cheap prices, here you sometimes pay 15 USD and are not full. If I oay 10 USD in the States I am more than full practically laying on the floor of the kitchen or the restaurant.
--> Ordering whatever I want in English and getting exactly what I ordered because I actually know what to order!
--> Bagel Cafe, Taco Bell, Psalms, Ramuntos, Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, and Olive Garden (as I am drooling)
--> Not being stared at EVERY single minute because Italian Americans do not stare like Italians here
--> And last but not least, playing Call of Duty on my Playstation 3 with my friends online and killing as many people as possible (I repeat playing online)

I could go on and say more and write more about each person or category but I am too lazy and too busy; if that combination makes any sense.

That's enough blabbing for now as I will hopefully finish my Florence blog today or tomorrow. Sorry if there are any errors, no revisions today. Happy Cinco de Mayo and happy birthday Casey!

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